And so it begins!

Happy New Year!


It’s 2018, which means the countdown officially begins!! No, not the same 10-second countdown until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, but rather a countdown to our year traveling abroad as a family of 4! Doug has had this dream of packing up our lives here in NYC, and moving somewhere foreign to experience life in a different place. Karen has never been away from NYC for more than 2.5 weeks at a time, so she is looking forward to being challenged in a different way. And the kids? Well, we’re about to drag them on a wild adventure that we hope they’ll (sorta) remember later in life!

“What??!” “That’s awesome!” “How can you do that??” “Where are you going to go?” are some just of the few responses we’ve been getting from the people we’ve shared it with. We’re hoping that we can use this blog to share with you all as we plan to close out this chapter of our lives to prepare for the rest. So to start everything off, here is a mini-FAQ for those of you who are curious!

Q: Where are you going and for how long?
A: When we first started this thought process, we wanted to spend a whole year in Taiwan and use that as our home base as we traveled throughout Asia/Australia/NZ. As that thinking has evolved a little more over time, we’ve decided to split up our time a little more. The plan is to spend 4 months in Asia, 2 months in Oceania, and 3 months in Europe before coming back to the NYC area for Thanksgiving/Christmas and then jetting off somewhere for another 6 months.

Q: How will you fund your trip (financially) during your year+ of traveling?
A: When Riley was a couple of months old, Doug decided to venture into selling on Amazon. In the last 2 years, the business has grown, Karen has joined on and we are starting to have profits that should withstand a reasonable budget/standard of living. Either way you slice it, living abroad (even rather lavishly) will be cheaper than living in NYC!

Q: Will you ever come back to NYC?
A: Both of our families are here, so it will be inevitable we come back to visit. However, we don’t plan on living here in the future. Where will we be? That we’re not sure of yet, but Doug is leaning towards Texas whereas Karen has her heart set on Philadelphia, which is still relatively close to NYC and her family. We’re looking forward to warmer weather in our futures!

Q: Why now? And what about Bailey?

A: We feel like this is the perfect time to travel, while our kids are young and we’re not disrupting their lives too much yet. If they were any older, we’d feel guilty pulling them out of school for longer than a couple of days at a time. By the time we settle someplace, Riley will be preparing to start Kindergarten. As for Bailey, we hope that Doug’s parents can take care of her in the year that we are gone. It is hard for us to think about leaving her, but we know it is not permanent and we look forward to having her in our home again in the future!

As I sit here typing here in sub-freezing temperatures, I’m dreaming about sunny skies, beach weather, and warm adventures in our not-so-distant future. We hope you follow us as we journey on “the road less toddled” with our family.