Relaxation or adventure?

Before kids, Doug and I had gone on one beach trip together. We had two free Hyatt nights to burn, so we booked a trip to the Hyatt Zilara hotel in Cancun. It was a beautiful resort, all-inclusive, and we had a wonderful time, but we learned that we are just not beach people! Though we can be lazy, we also really like to do things…and do-ers prefer to explore and embark on adventures rather than just sitting and relaxing at the beach. So we’ve gone on more adventurous things since then…swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos, flying on a hot air balloon in the middle of Turkey, on safari in southern Africa, checking out the pyramids in Egypt.


Post-kids, we thought it would be easier to do the resort-style relaxation so the first trip we booked when R was born was the Bahamas. We figured it would be easier to just stay in one place that had everything ready for us, and nothing for us to plan or think about. It was a great stepping stone for us, and gave us the guts to book a two-week journey throughout Italy with R when she was 7 months old. (which, until this point, was still the best trip ever). At age 1, we booked our first combo trip with her: 5 days of exploring in Barcelona & Madrid and 4 days of relaxation at a resort in the Canary Islands. We enjoyed both aspects and learned to appreciate having time to relax and explore.

Next year, we want to go on mostly adventure-type vacations, which means we are relying on some stepping stones this year! So far, we’ve booked a trip with family to California in March, a week in Myrtle Beach in July, and another week in Aruba for a wedding in July. I guess we need to learn to relax so we can amp up for a whole year of exploring!

What kind of traveler are you? Do you long for a relaxing beach vacation? Or are you typically ready to embark on an adventure? Leave us a comment below!