So you get to your destination and then your baby gets sick: now what??

You spend weeks & months planning vacations with your kids and the day finally comes…you’ve made it to your destination! All is going well, and then one of your kids get sick. What do you do??

We found ourselves in that exact predicament on our trip to Myrtle Beach earlier this month. Though we were at the cusp of summer, our kids had been taking turns being ill starting back in January! Before we left on our trip, C had some sniffles and a runny nose, but we didn’t think it was too out of the ordinary. By the time we had been there for a couple of days, we noticed that her breathing started to get heavier and then it sounded like she was wheezing and gasping for every breath. Drinking her milk had become increasingly difficult since she wasn’t breathing properly. On our way to mini golfing one afternoon, we decided that I should take her to an urgent care to get evaluated. Two hours later, we still had no answers and no help. (Note: Urgent care does not work well for babies…unless you can find one that specializes in pediatrics. They are just not as familiar with kids and often don’t give the right answers and/or have the correct tools to diagnose.)

Now that urgent care was no help, what did I do? Crowdsource! I find mom groups on Facebook really helpful for things like this, so I asked a mom group in NYC if anyone had a pediatrician to recommend in Myrtle Beach. The next day, I was able to get an appointment immediately with a well-rated pediatrician who evaluated C and then personally drove me to the pediatric ER to get her further examined. Talk about top-notch service and southern hospitality!

So that’s how we found ourselves at the ER the day before going home. C was treated, sent with medical supplies for the flight, and tools for how to manage the wheezing once home.


C  at the ER in Myrtle Beach, SC, with bright, rosy cheeks.

Oh yea…this also wasn’t our first experience with seeing doctors while traveling. Big sister R ran a 104 fever for 2-3 days during our trip to Taiwan & Hong Kong when she was 14 months old. We saw doctors there who were able to treat her and give her the medicine she needed.

Bottom line? If you spend enough time traveling with kids, they are bound to get sick, just as they do at home. But there is no need to panic…remember that kids grow up all over the world, which means there are doctors everywhere! We always recommend buying travel medical insurance when traveling abroad…a little bit goes a long way when you’re traveling with the littles!