It’s official…we’re going around the world!

8 years ago on this day, I agreed to go on a date with this guy I had just met. We connected through our enthusiasm for an app called FourSquare (now Swarm), which allowed you to check into different places as you visited (restaurants, schools, hotels, airports, subway stations, you name it…they have it). A week before he asked me on said date, I mentioned to him that I noticed his recent check-ins at nice restaurants and in the same breath also told him that I wanted to go out to these restaurants too. I definitely didn’t mean it like that, but alas…the rest is history.

8 years later, and guess what?

I said yes again.

This time, it was agreeing to embark on a journey around the world. Same guy, plus our two little girls in tow. So much has changed, yet not much all at the same time. We still go out to eat in nice restaurants and still check in on Swarm (though much less frequently these days), except for 10 months starting January, it won’t be in NYC.


Taking the road less toddled with our family, hoping to create more memories like this.

We’ve been planning our round the world trip for months (or perhaps maybe years in Doug’s mind), but only recently did we pull the trigger to book our trip. Why would we wait so last minute (less than 3 months) if we’ve already known that we wanted to go for over a year? The answer is simply because we wanted to book a “round the world” ticket using All Nippon Airways (ANA), a Star Alliance member.

A round the world award ticket allows you to pay 1 fare, calculated in miles (plus taxes & fees), based on the distance you travel. The best part is that it’s much cheaper than if you were booking each individual leg of our trip, which adds up significantly when you are planning to go to multiple destinations anyway. There are a number of airlines that allow you to book a round the world ticket, but we chose ANA because they have the cheapest mileage redemption, yet still allows up to 8 stopovers and 12 flight segments total.

We’ll elaborate more about how we booked our ticket in a future post. Here’s our planned itinerary:

1/17-3/2: Thailand
3/2-3/14: Hong Kong
3/14-3/21: Maldives
3/21-3/23: Malaysia
3/23-4/8: Taiwan
4/8-5/5: Japan
5/5-7/12: New Zealand & Australia
7/12-7/24: Japan
7/24-7/29: South Korea
7/29-10/18: Europe (countries are flex – just need to start in Croatia and end in Poland)
10/18: home sweet home (right before Casey bear turns 2 – will elaborate more about the infant ticket later)

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.35.25 PM

All the flights covered under our round the world award ticket.

Our round the world ticket won’t cover all of our flights, but it does cover a lot of the long haul flights. NYC to Phuket, Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Bangkok to Hong Kong, Tokyo to Seoul, Seoul to Dubrovnik, and Warsaw to NYC…all on business class! For Doug, Riley, and I, we each had to pay 125,000 ANA miles (which we transferred from our AMEX Membership Rewards) + $683.53 in taxes. Casey is booked as a lap infant, which is 10% of the adult monetary cost, for a total cost of $1,956.39. For all the remaining flights in between the round the world flights, we will try to redeem with airline miles such as British Airways Avios or in cash if it’s cheap. More on booking rewards flights to come!

Where will YOU meet us next year?? Leave us a note in the comments – we would LOVE to meet up with you somewhere!!